This is the first release off We Lost The Sea's latest album 'Departure Songs'. Recorded during live tracking of the album at Studios 301 in Sydney featuring the high school girls choir from Mercy College in Chatswood. A Gallant Gentlemen, the opening track from We Lost The Sea’s third and most adventurous record to date, is a slowly building piece that gives you a just a glimpse of the tumultuous journey to follow. 

This is the perfect gateway to the heart wrenching ‘Departure Songs.’ The tracks tells the story of Lawrence Oates, an army captain and explorer who walked off into the freezing Antarctic night on a expedition gone wrong, in an attempt to give his life to save the rest of his team. He knew he had become a burden on his friends. He knew their chances of survival would improve without him. So off he walked, alone, into oblivion. An opening track to a record that is steeped so much in the ideas of life, death and hope. All music written and composed by We Lost The Sea. 

The title of this song is named after a painting by John Charles Dollman. Choir section composed and arranged by We Lost The Sea and the Mercy College Choir. 

Produced by Tim Carr and We Lost The Sea.
Engineering and mixing by Tim Carr
Studio assistant: Antonia Gauci
Director of Photography: Dan Freene (ACS)
Editing and grading: Matt Harvey

Choir members
Teachers: Kathryn McGreal & Matthew Robertson
Choir: Amelia Berthold, Caillin Betts, Elizabeth Daniels, Vanessa Daniels, Aisha Herbert, Kiara Herbert, Lizzy Jackson, Grace Johnston, Rheanne Lamont Funtanilla, Nancy Li, Sam Miley, Emma Morton, Mary Neis, Marianne Pamilar, Carmel Rodrigues, Ishuveen Saini, Isabella Sharpe, Rhea Thomas, Stephanie Woo 


AVAILABLE NOW VIA BANDCAMP. http://welostthesea.bandcamp.com.au 
Available in LP, CD and digital format. The single 'A Gallant Gentleman' is OUT NOW through BRR, AAC and WLTS. Departure Songs will be released worldwide in July 2015 through Bird's Robe Records and Art As Catharsis Records. http://www.birdsrobe.com/ http://www.artascatharsis.com/

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